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Japanese golfing experience

Being an avid golf fan I was longing for my first game on Japanese soil.

In New Zealand I was able to play twice a week, but while living in Japan for the last two years i had not had the opportunity, despite buying a reasonable set of clubs, a golf bag and accessories for a grand total of 2000 yen.

I had heard golf in Japan was a rich man’s sport, and for many courses you needed to be invited by a member to be able to play. I wondered why this was the case, as in my hometown golf was cheap and anyone was welcome to play.

But after being invited to play at Nagoya Hills Colf Club by my  bosses father, i understood the reason why it was a rich man’s sport in Japan.

Arriving at the course the first thing i noticed was that the clubhouse was actually an upmarkert lodge with attendants waiting outside to take our golf bags.

After signing up for our game, we ate an Amercan-style buffet breakfast. Then it was out to the practice range, and finally the practice putting green before tee-off.

After nine holes of golf it was time for lunch, (Roast beef) followed by the back nine of golf. Once the game finished we gave our bags to the attendants who cleaned our clubs while we had a shower.

Total time: Nine hours

Consider – back home I would turn up at the course, spend 10 minutes on the practice green, tee off and be finished the entire round within three and a half hours, sit down for a beer and relax.

In New Zealand i would pay about $15 or 1200 yen for the round, while at Nagoya Hills the round, all extras included, cost around 11,000 yen or $120.

However, I would have to recommend any golf fans in Japan to take the opportunity if it comes along to  exprience golf Japanese style.

It is different, but it is something you will really cheerish.

As for how my golf went, well that’s another story.  Lets just say my new bosses father won.