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While not been big on baseball, I had seen a few Nagoya Dragon games on the television, and thought it would be nice to go and see a game live, just to experience the atmospehere.

I was lucky enough to be given to free tickets from my boss, to go see the Dragons vs Carps game at Nagoya Dome, Friday March 21.

Because it was a Friday, and possible because the Carp are not one of the top teams, the dome was less than half full, and early indications were that the atmosphere was going to be kinda dull.

Early on the Carp went ahead 2-0, this keeping the Dragons fans rather quiet for the first five innings.

But the sixth innings changed everything. The Dragons scored 3 runs, and the smallish crowd let rip with their chants and banging together of their dragon accessories.

I would recommend to any foreigner in Japan to go and see a game live, preferably when the big teams are playing or in the weekends when the stadiums are likely to be full.

The atmosphere is something worthy, even for the non-baseball fans.

I know i will be going to see another game soon.