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Desperados is back!

There’s wine tasting in France, and then there’s tequila tasting in Nagoya. Any tequila aficionados who’ve experienced a drought of late can once again celebrate with a bevy of blurry shots at Desperados, as the best Tex-Mex in the East reopens for business.

A fire in the adjacent business caused Desperados some damage, so Rudy and Takako have been busy (between drinks up the road at Redrock) getting the place back to its former glory, with a few additions to the original formula that was a hit with locals and out-of-towners looking for Mexican fare with added bite.

Though the restaurant’s undergone a facelift, the menu remains much the same (if it ain’t broke, right?), with the usual favorites, such as nachos, fajitas and tacos, and then some. One of the more unusual menu items is a mole sauce that demands to be tried rather than described. After all, could you possibly imagine a chocolate-based sauce being used in Mexican cooking? The enchiladas are mighty popular, and if you’re not sure you can tolerate extreme spiciness, there are milder options to choose from. But going for extreme heat is a good excuse to wash it down with a Mexican beverage or 6, and Rudy has an extensive collection of some of the finest tequilas you can buy in Japan (and many you can’t). He has a tequila to suit all tastes, from those who like a good old fashioned shot to a more refined palette. Yep, tequila’s not just good for getting messy, it’s also very pleasant to sip slowly and savor the intense herbs and spices used to brew it – take that, wine connoisseurs! There’s even a batch that’s been barreled right there, which, with any luck, should be ready by the time Rudy and Takako celebrate Desperados’ 10 year anniversary. If straight tequila isn’t to your liking, you can try a fabulous margarita or cerveza.

Desperados officially reopened on July 21st, so if you haven’t popped in yet to plant your face in a plate of nachos, or on the brand new bar counter after one too many top shelf tequilas, come along and enjoy some of the best Tex-Mex food you’re likely to have, at least in Nagoya. There’ll also be daily drink specials during the week on Rudy’s choice of beers.

Desperados can be found in Shin Sakae – head out Shinsakae-machi Station exit 1 or 2 and along the R19 in the Hirokoji Dori direction. Turn at the first right past Hirokoji, and it’s the next block up in the Fujimatsu Building (2nd floor).


Naka Ward, Shin Sakae
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