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Japanese Police Recruitment Test

I`ve got hold of a copy of the test for recruits to the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Force.  See if you can pass!

1.  It is helpful for police officers to know English in order to be able to:

a)  Give assistance to foreigners;

b)  Give false information to foreigners; or

c)  Arrest foreigners


2.  You are on duty at a police box in Shinjuku.  An elderly American tourist comes in and asks for directions to Kinokuniya bookstore.  You should

a)  Give him directions to Kinokuniya bookstore;

b)  Give him directions to a lesbian bar in nichome; or,

c)  Ask him if he`s carrying a knife


3.  An elderly American tourist is carrying a knife, in violation of a recently enacted law which will come into force in three days` time.  You should

a)  Warn him of the impending law and advise him not to carry the knife;

b)  Tell him that carrying knives is mandatory in Tokyo; or,

c)  Get a head start and enforce the new law straight away


4.  You have decided to enforce a new law prohibiting possession of knives, three days before it comes into force, and apprehend an elderly American tourist.  You should

a)  Confiscate the knife and allow him to leave;

b)  Keep him in the police box for three or four hours for no reason, then confiscate the knife and allow him to leave; or,

c)  Imprison him for nine days with restricted access to either a lawyer or his family.


How did you do?


Mostly `a`:  unfortunately, you have a profound, fundamental misunderstanding of the police`s role in regard to the foreign community.  I`m afraid you will never be able to join the force.


Mostly `b`:  you have a reasonable grasp of what it takes to be a police officer, but still need to fine-tune your attitude towards foreigners.


Mostly `c`:  congratulations!  Welcome to the force.  You can start on the important work of keeping Tokyo safe, right after you collect this month`s pay-off from the yakuza.