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CD Review: Top 5 Japanese Chiptune Albums

top 5 japanese chiptune albums



Undoubtedly the way most people in Japan got into chiptune. A jazzy feel and cute female vocals set this Mario-esque offering above the rest.


Chiptune with sax?! Not only that, but echoey psychedelic sax and long jams too! Unorthodox and trippy.


3. Rainbow Vision, by Xinon

Hate to say it, but I think this album one-ups USK in the club-flavored chiptune department. Who knew Gunma could be so cool?


4. Lo-Bit Animal Mutation, by Maru

Actually a toss-up between this and his first album, but that baby’s rather hard to get your hands on these days. Super melodies and intricate programming.


5. The Final Computer, by Bokusatsu Shoujo Koubou

Less noisy than a lot of BSK’s other stuff (which flirts with loli/breakcore) this hard-to-find gem has an indefinable SNES flavor I find irresistible.