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Japan on the Web 2010: Top 10 Japan-Related Blogs


Japan Explained FASAQ (japanexplained.wordpress.com)

All of those curious little things about Japan – from the size of fruit to the sight of men carrying handbags – investigated, mulled over, and explained. The explanations are often dubious or incomplete, but hey, at least the author’s daring to give it a shot!


Danny Choo (dannychoo.com)

This one’s more than just a blog: Danny Choo is the whole Tokyo geekdom wrapped up in webcode. Hell, the guy regularly cosplays as a Storm Trooper. In public.


Néojaponisme (neojaponisme.com)

Any blog with a title that contains an accented "é" is bound to be a bit clever, but Néojaponisme is extra-smart.


Japundit (www.japundit.com)

Not so much a blog in its own right as an aggregator of the most interesting Japan-related posts from around the web, Japundit benefits from being more regular than a weak-bladdered vegetarian on diuretics.


Let’s Japan.org (www.letsjapan.org)

If, like 11 out of 10 English-speaking foreigners in Japan, you make your living as a teacher of English, this blog is your most knowledgeable, well-reasoned representative on the web. It almost makes the whole eikaiwa profession look respectable.


MEKAS (mekas.jp)

Fashionistas should get their kicks at MEKAS, one of the most stylish, personable Japanese fashion blogs written in the English language. Maybe the only one, come to think of it.


No Sword (no-sword.jp/blog)

This is where you go to get your arse kicked whenever you dare to think you’re getting pretty damn good at this nihongo thing…


The Adventures of a Foreign Salaryman in Tokyo (foreignsalaryman.blogspot.com)

There’s a real "Stressed Eric" vibe about this regularly updated life-tale of a genuine gaijin salaryman in Tokyo. That and the frequently bizarre imagery make for compelling viewing.


Gaijin Bash (gaijinbash.blogspot.com)

The lesser-known areas of Japan (with some of the obvious places thrown in for good measure) as seen through the visor of a gaijin biker. Stunning photography, jocular narrative and a stuffed camel toy called "Pooey" make for one helluva blog.


What Japan Thinks (whatjapanthinks.com)

Fancy seeing Japan and the Japanese reduced to an endless series of stats and pie charts? Goran kudasai! This oddly addictive recipe for a blog is quaintly Orwellian but is also, like a velcro-coated wall, very difficult to tear oneself away from.

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