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DJPauloAtNight: Interview

Paul, what got you into the Nagoya scene?

Well, I came to Japan seven years ago and lived in Toyota for two. As there aren’t many clubs around there, I decided to move to Nagoya and grab a spot among the many DJs here!

How did you get started?

I began in 1995, when I started working at Radio Cultura FM, (a radio station in Sao Paulo, Brazil) as a music programmer and also in recording; since I love music, I decided to learn how to mix and dive headlong into a career as a DJ!

What are your favorite genres?

My personal favorite is house music, but I like other styles such as hip-hop, R&B and reggaeton. I play events in a lot of places with all different styles of music; I like them all!

What is your impression of the Nagoya DJ Scene? Is it diverse enough?

In terms of professionals and people who understand music, I would say the level of art in Nagoya, including the DJ scene, is very good!

What would you like to see change in the Nagoya music scene? How could it improve?

I think that serious working people are growing day by day in their careers as artists, but they are very undervalued in Nagoya. Only a minority who already have connections in closed groups and people connected to them are recognized. I hope one day that this scenario will change so that good music can really be appreciated.

What motivates most of the Nagoya DJs? Love, money, power?

I believe that the motivation of the majority of DJs is to grow as artists.

There are many kinds of DJs, including those that play for pleasure and because of their love for music, as well as people who already have a lot of money that play as a hobby.

…and yourself?

I play because I love this profession and I like varied styles and rhythms of music… money is the result of work taken seriously!

What is your ultimate goal as a DJ?

I’m struggling and working seriously so maybe one day I can be successful and play all around the world, side by side with DJs who are famous in the electronic music scene.

Is there any thing you would like to say to music lovers in Nagoya?

I would like to tell everyone who enjoys good, quality music and all my friends that I am already planning many new things for 2011, just to get the best for you, music lovers!

If you want to check out our work, please visit our blog at soundmachine1.blogspot.com where you can find a schedule for what gig’s I am playing. I count on everyone at my parties, my friends, colleagues and lovers of good music, because there is no party without you!