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Japan easy

My last months in Japan were devoted to making photos with the photocabin.I used to go to the photocabins near the metropolitain centers, but crowds of yough never stopped  to check out my cabin, leaving no chance to meditate for the best pics…so desu. I have driven far away to the most remoted photo cabin…..:) near of the make uppu, keshoohin depatoo,  to make my nude pictures inside the cabin…..there. was a nice place to stripp    but…and, of course,  when I started to dress out…..a very noisy car stopped just by my cabin,  and a very impudent "yakuza" checked out my cabin crying "Oh PHOTO CABIN!" with me naked inside….He stared ….I knew all those "kuso" words in Japanese,  but did prefer to play English speaking gaijin ga-lu,   who understand nothing…..A LOT of English words paralyzed him for more long time ..needed time for me to run away…..ran away…..speedy……Since then,  all my photos from that cabin…calls unpredictable reactions from my Internet fellows…Even Japanese say "OH YOU are  a model from the MAGAZINE and probably your demands are high?" For me — long way to explain,  that they(Japanese )  have those options to insert pictures on the magazine pages in the photo cabins that are located in Japan…or mb intelligent Japanese (those who are in Internet) dont know about Japanese photo cabins in Japan, in their own country just because,  because busy, busy working, studying…..but…but..but free lisence "YAku—za" are all familiar…..and Japan easy for "yaku—za and not easy for those who are from Internet who are international minded????…yeah…BUT English is not easy for Yakuza ……HA ……thats for certain…So I amaze "YAAAaku—za" with my english fluent words…and amaze Internet minded Japanese with my "Magazine/Model" photos…..not bad but the both two dont trust me….zannen