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NAG BUZZ Podcast #22

Now for something (almost) entirely different. Guest audio editor Adam Miller takes the reigns and brings you our 22nd edition of the NAG BUZZ Podcast!

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This week we take a break (for the most part) from the heavy lifting and heavy convo about recent events. We discuses how Adam has failed to achieve any of his japanophile dreams since he arrived. Instead he has had to cope with sliding down a gravel strewn Mt. Fuji and had a sento "Experience" that left him feeling wet and dirty

Meanwhile Carter expounds upon the great divide between "Lifers" and "Newbies". What exactly do Showa Gaijin have against Heisei Gaijin?

In "What’s Nagging" Daniel Ostrander talks about the new and discuses several events worth your time this weekend.

On Saturday
Check out the ACCJ, ANZCCJ & TCJS Pot Luck Hanami Party in Tsuruma Park

On Saturday night you’ll want to drop by the Fundraiser at LeaLea Hale

On Sunday
Mixer Party at Tsuruma Park

Sunday evening check out the Dai Ari-san Matsuri. Starts at 2 pm. at Ozon

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