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Tour Hida Satoyama By Bike!

Not only is Hida one of the most scenic places to visit in central Japan, it is easy to get to and offers up a wealth of sightseeing opportunities. With so much to see and do, a lot of visitors tend to overlook the woodland areas of Satoyama, where the true hidden beauty of Hida resides.

One way to get further into the countryside is to hop on a bike and get in touch with the people that make Hida so spectacular. For novice cyclists and those without the gear to get off the beaten path we  recommend Hida Satoyama Cycling, a service that runs a variety of tours of the area.

Hida Satoyama Cycling brings small groups of tourists to areas where other visitors rarely go. When you take a tour you get in touch with locals as well as the way they live their life in this picturesque part of the country. Farmers, carpenters and other local personalities are a fixture of the tours and help broaden your experience in a fun and educational way.

Most tours begin in the historic old town of Hida and venture into the Satoyama woodlands where you can explore the changing mountain seasons and all that they have to offer. The main routes for their cycling tours are paths without vehicular traffic which are especially popular with participants who bring along their children.

In Hida, cherry blossoms bloom from the mid April. Every route cycles through a row of cherry trees beside the river. A speciality of the season is sakuramochi, which is made of sticky rice dumpling (or sticky domyoji powder) with red beans paste inside, but in this area, the bean paste is wrapped with smooth dumpling.  

The snow will finally be gone in April and farmers will start working in rice paddies and vegetable fields.  In accordance with the beginning of farm work, Shinto spring festivals will be held in many places to ask the gods for prosperity and good harvests. Please note that some festivals may be cancelled due to unexpected events.

Hida Satoyama Cycling offers both Guided Tours and Bike rental.

Guided Tours

All tours include a mountain bike, helmet maps and insurance.

The Standard Tour 
A three and a half hour cycling tour to take you out from a town to remote and beautiful Satoyama landscapes.  You can drop by a market place where locals frequent to for fresh vegetables and local specialties.  Enjoy looking down rice paddies and vegetable fields through narrow and quiet roads only allowed to bicycles and pedestrians.
Time: 3.5 hours / 13:30-17:00
Cost: ¥6,000

The Half Tour 
A shorter, less exhausting route with a smaller vertical interval.  Still all the most interesting spots are included such as a Shinto shrine, old Japanese farm houses of Hida and rice fields.  t’s a relatively short course and suitable for participants with less time to spend.
Time: 2.5 hours  / 10:00-12:30
Cost: ¥4,500

Ride and Hike    
Drive through a settling in the valley to a series of waterfalls.  Ride off your bike and walk around the waterfalls and broadleaf woods.  Enjoy both cycling and hiking in this route.
Time: 5 hours / 10:00-15:00 Includes lunch.
Cost: ¥9,500 per person

(*Children under 12 get ¥1,500 off)

Bike Rental

Alternatively you can rent a bike and cycle on your own. include a mountain bike, helmet and insurance.
Cost: ¥2,500 per day

For more information please go to:
Web: www.satoyama-cycling.com/en