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Ask Kazuhide – April, 2011

Harro I am Kazuhide and I am to bring you today the special message. First I want to saying is, I am ok in the Owase town and my family ok too. It is far away from terrible earthquake and tsunami area of northern Japan. We are cry and pray for them.

My next message is about the idiot: All the disaster, war, earthquake, hurricanes, there is always idiot. In China, Sharon Stone say the god is angry with china because they hurt the tibet peoples. In Katrina, some idiot say the god hating the gay person so he want to destroy some cities. Now I hear the message, god is hate japan because they are not christians, or god is revenge for the pearl harbor. By the way…YOU ARE IDIOT. You lost the tickets to enter the heaven, and now your life and after lifes is all sucks.

Next message is about the money: Fear is make the BIG moneys in these days. Fukushima 50人 is make just 9000 yen per day. Radiation pill company, media, and airplane company now is make the millions. Even American buy the radiation pills because they afraid the tiny particle attack their life on west coast. Let me to telling you something: spend time 1 year near the fukushima nuclear electric. spend time 1 day the pachinko. Same level of cancer is happen.* That is why I playing only 3 hours.

Much people afraid the radiation, and afriad their life, in meanwhile of the stress, they smoking so many the box of Mild Sebun. Do you know what is inside this cigarette smoke? This is kill you like the radiation so faster! That is why I prefer the Sebun Star brand.

Next message is about the gaijin who run away from the Tokyo: I reary want to encorage the gaijin resident of Tokyo and Japan to stay here with us. It important to face the hard time together as friends and peaceful people and not panic this situation. Also, in the severe case of food is become gone and not enough, gaijin is make the tasty snack for starving Japanese.

And now I have time for one retter from the Japanzine leader:


How are u feeling about the current situation?? I thought Japanese technology is advanced….what’s happening??


Dear Nalin-san,

Yes, Japanese is best technology of the world. However, technology of the god is even more adbance. we cannot beat it.

If you wanting to donate the charity for help the Japanese people with no house or the clothes or food, prease go to here:


remember, the onry thing we having to feal is, feal itself!

*anecdotal data provided by Hiroshi at Owase town taxi repair

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