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Angels with Filthy Faces

The fan next to my cell has broken down, and I sit hunched over my iBook, dripping from breast to beast as if someone has jammed open the sluices. But it’s only as it should be. The work they put me to here at Japanzine Towers is fit for no dignified being.

Tonight they’ll forcibly turn my attentions to the abyss, and though my fetid mind is closer now to purgatory than pride, some small wick inside me flickers at the thought of defying their intent and indulging my once-noble intellect. But hush now, for the keys turn in the lock and I must to business. I shall trawl the sludge of cyberspace before dawn breaks, for it is my function to serve up a fresh selection for the master’s pre-breakfast sport. Oh, the things I’ve seen. A lesser man would fold.

But the avatars are favorable tonight, for I have happened upon a site that seeks beyond the inexorable grunt. Here at www.jsexnetwork.com is a collection of conversations with Japanese women who have chosen to “open up” as a profession. Granted, the site also peddles the usual filth that pleasures the master so, but this hitherto unknown access to the minds of those who would – well, it’s manna from heaven.

Some 40 interviews have been collated, all freely available (at www.jsexnetwork.com/interviews/), and most of the questions you’ve ever wanted to ask are answered openly. The translations may at times seem a little stilted, but there’s no escaping the fact that these are classy women working in a sordid world. Take a look at Ran Asakawa’s interview as an example. The kind of girl you’d happily introduce to your parents.

It’d be nice to know a little more of their backgrounds – what do their parents think? How many partners have left them as a result? But as it is, this rare glimpse inside Japan’s AV industry is the stuff of a frat boy’s wettest dreams, and will probably be of more than mild interest to the open-minded amongst you.

Note from Concerned Ed. – Dr. Crotch has seen more than his fair share of loins and mammaries, so please approach this site with care. Furthermore, he has never been kept in a cell. It’s more of a cage…