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Chiemi Ojiima

This is blog of me. I am happy Chiemi. I am high school girl idol of Japanese. Let’s enjoy lucky blog time with us! Limo Broken and do Yamanote with common salaryman and OL san. Kowaii! Category: Travel and Places Today special Chiemi limo is broken and I must go to photo of new image book. So I take Yamanote. Why Japan people so rude on train? I don’t know. I waited very front of line. Even I did not get on the first train I saw. I moved to front near to yellow line and wait for NEXT train so that I can have seat. Guess what! Train came and family of two child and two parent come run past me and through doors. They get one row of seat I waited for. Don’t they see LINE? Hello? My friend say "what can you do? Do you feel ill to children?" No. I guess not. I like children. But more I think, and I change my mind. I read that American mom and dad teach children DON’T RUN in front of line. Child run past line and America parent very angry. But child enter America train nice and slow, stranger just give seat…. like "plaese take my seat." It seem that American train ride person can expect kindly thing. NOT JAPAN. In Japan, Adult also run past line…push, hit, so on. I become to think that kindly patient American child enter train well and become kindly patient adult who enter train well. Also they remember kindness of train rider who give seat of history and so they give seat now. Rude fast Japanese child become rude fast Japanese adult. Let’s start to teach train manner from child time, ok? Maybe, Japanese child also learn that nice rule of society can be ignore for train, and so Japanese oyaji also feel nice rule of society can be ignore for train. It is good explain for chikan. Please be kindly on train and wait your turn of enter. Love, Chiemi