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Three Stripes and You’re Out

I’ve yet to go and check out ZEPP NAGOYA, that not-quite-cavernous live house stranded out in the wasteland that was once De La Fantasia (home of the Pokemon Park and, as anyone who actually bothered to go there will be able to tell you, fuck-all else). Still, I think it’s safe to say that I really, really don’t understand those people. Or, at the least, their website: you’d think things like the upcoming appearance of Brit-dance legends THE PRODIGY would be worth publicising but, nah, said gig doesn’t even get a mention in the venue’s online listings. Neither does the fact that THE WHITE STRIPES (pictured), who cancelled their January show after Jack White fucked his throat up (or something), have rescheduled their gig. Praise be! The blues/country/rock/marimba outfit will be appearing on WEDNESDAY 8TH MARCH, 19:00 start, 6500yen adv. Go to www.jailhouse.jp for further details (Japanese only). Oh, might be worth getting tickets in advance for DINOSAUR JR, too – they’ll be at CLUB DIAMOND HALL on THURSDAY 2ND MARCH. 19:00 start, 6800yen adv. Saw them at Fuji Rock last year and they were actually a lot better than you’d think a bunch of washed-up, pot-bellied middle aged blokes had any right to be. Ear-bleedingly loud, too. Fab. Tickets available through PIA (P-Code: 217-443), e+ and using those unfathomable machines at Lawson (L Code: 41966). Over in club world, CLUB MAGO have finally released some schedule info for February, and with it comes great news for people who like Dance Music You Can Drive To. By which, of course, I mean Progressive House (just try driving to Breakcore and see if you make it home with all of your bodywork and both wing mirrors intact). Japan’s own OSAMU M (Bedrock) will be doing the 4-to-the-floor mood music thang on SATURDAY 11TH FEBRUARY, with Ogawa, Kato &c. in support. Doors 22:00. 2500yen adv (1d), 3000yen door (1d). A couple of weeks later, Boston’s CHRIS MICALI (Vapour/Bedrock) is doing a live performance, with DJs including So (Plusquam/Aqua/Labyrinth/Tri-bute), A.BPM (maniac I.Q. records) and others. SATURDAY 25TH, doors 22:00, 3000yen adv (1d), 3500yen door (1d).