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Spanky – The OTHER Kind of Adult Toy Store

When you need cute, bloodied, killer teddy bears rendered in plastic, or a box of chain-smoking rabbits with 5 o’clock shadows, or maybe just KISS action figures with fully functional thumbs, there is really only one place in Nagoya to go: Osu’s own Spanky Original. An island of joy for the hipster-otaku among us, this store is fully loaded with plastic goodies ranging from vanilla Spiderman and Donald Duck schlock to artifacts from the furthest reaches of quirky dorkdom: think Headlock Studio’s Touma series, Tokyo Guns and reams of obscure Japanese anime merchandise. Like any good adult toy store worth its plastic, satisfaction is guaranteed.

As we approach the Christmas/Chanukah/Ramadan/Kwanza/New Year gift-giving season, your family and friends may be expecting something special. For the under-40, "Gimme Crazy Stuff From Japan!" crowd, Spanky will meet their needs and then some. For the "Anything With Kanji On It" group (the over-40 set), the kawaii factor is off the charts ,with super-cute action figures, dolls, posters, masks, and trinkets from ¥100 baubles up to uber-geek relics in the ¥60,000 range. Even if nothing in Spanky’s will do, its location in the center of the Osu shopping arcade puts you in prime position to troll around for kanji-covered goods in the many small traditional shops.

The store even creates and sells its own original character figure, named, of course, Spanky! Make the clerks happy and pick one up. Be sure to check out our personal favorites – the ubiquitous and cheerfully morbid Gloomy Bear, who appears here in all sorts of child-mauling permutations, and artist Frank Kozik’s Smorkin’ Labbit, a perfect choice for all of the degenerates on your list. With hundreds of characters and dolls to choose from, it’s all here and just in time for the winter holidays.

Spanky Original

Spanky Market

11:00-20:00 Weekdays
10:00-20:00 Sat/Sun/Hols