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Can You Handle A Burger With 5 Patties?

993361_10151699425572149_641233315_nWhat kind of magic does it take to transform a regular Tuesday and Friday into “Super Cheeseday” and “Super Fryday”?

JZ sez: the kind of magic that has led to starving people being outnumbered by fat asses. Lotteria, with a wave of it’s grease-filled wand, has quintupled your fun with two heavy duty burgers: the 5-patty Deluxe Tower Cheeseburger, only available on Super Cheeseday – September 24th and October 1st, and it’s bottom-feeding cousin: the 5-patty Prawn Tree Burger, only available on Super Fryday – September 27th and October 1st.

If you think you’ve got what it takes to handle either of these towering infernos, get a ¥500 coin ready and find a Lotteria near you; take a friend, because you’ll probably need them to carry you home after you pass into a food coma and faint on the floor of the restaurant.