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In the Pink: An Interview with Nylon Pink


As we all float through this sea of repetitive polished teeny-bopper pop songs, numb and hopeless of finding any new music worth pumping through our ear-buds, our glazed unfixing eyes begin to sense something of in the distance; something pink; something bursting with raw unbridled sexuality; something that rocks HARD!! That undeniable pulsing vibration is Nylon Pink. So, what’s Nylon Pink you ask? Nylon Pink is off the hook! These vixens mix elements of hard rock, pop punk, glam, metal, and electro into a seductive fusion that will reverberate though your soul, leaving you breathless, sweating, wanting…MORE!

Formed in Hollywood, CA they’ve been described as “Hello Kitty on Acid”. Nylon Pink pushes the boundaries of music, fashion and sexuality. Nylon Pink’s core comprises of lead singer Kaila Yu, bassist Katt Lee, Kiki Wongo on guitar, and Jamie Scoles on drums. And not only do they rock as musicians, they are the sexiest, coolest girls, and an absolute pleasure to interview.

I (lucky guy that I am) got to spend my morning in my pajamas discussing life in the fast lane with the sexiest all Asian-American female glam rock outfit to ever launch out of L.A. This weekend will be their live debut in Japan and for the next few nights enjoying Tokyo’s wild side. Kaila, Katt, Kiki, Jamie, and Yuki were cool enough to take a little time to talk to Japanzine about music, groupies, and life in the sexiest band ever.

Japanzine: What must everyone know about Nylon Pink?

NYLON PINK: We’ll it’s been said that we’re like Hello Kitty on acid. We kinda portray a girlie, cute image, but at the same time we can really rock out, so our live shows are like really crazy and fun. Most of the audience is usually a bit taken aback by the intensity of the show we bring. We rock a bit heavier than our image lets on.

Japanzine: So, just to clarify, you girls play your own instruments, right?

NYLON PINK: Yes, we do.

Japanzine: Awesome! That is epically respectable in this day and age! So, that being said, what are your musical influences?

NYLON PINK: (Jamie) Well, we all have different influences. As for me, I’ve always been really inspired by Blink-182. I mean I like lots of different genres, but it’s because of them that I do what I do now. (Kiki) I grew up listening to a lot of death metal. Most of the bands I like are pretty obscure, but bands like Pantera and that whole metal scene really influenced me to start playing guitar. (Kaila) My preference is hip-hop and rap. Right now I like Nicki Minaj and lots of female rappers. But, I like Tupac as well.  I think there are a lot of good new female rappers coming out now.

Japanzine: Very cool. So, how long have you been working together? Can you tell me a little bit about the evolution of the band?

NYLON PINK: (Jamie) It’s been quite a long journey for Nylon Pink, but um, this current line-up has been together for about two years now. Kat and Kaila started the band. They had been friends first and they had a jewelry line called Hello Drama. Kiki happened to be a model for them, and they found out she played guitar, and so they picked her up. And, Kiki is kinda like a professional Facebook stalker, so she found me and come to some of my solo shows. They picked me up and that’s how Nylon Pink became what it is now.

Japanzine: Do you have a band/life philosophy that you try to adhere to?

NYLON PINK: Since we’re the only all Asian American girl band, well right now at least, we want to influence other Asian Americans or other young girls to follow there dreams. But we’d like to be an inspiration to anyone else too. Ya know, ‘cause music is a tough business, it’s not the safe route. So, we want to inspire people to be themselves, play music, and we also want to take over the world.

Japanzine: Who’s the wildest or most unhinged member of Nylon Pink? Got a story to elaborate with?

NYLON PINK: Hmmm… That would probably be Kiki. (Laughter) Her nickname is pirate, I think. Oh god, well, I’m trying to choose just one story. (More laughter) There was that time when we were in Macau and she was talking to that tree! (Roars of laughter) Or that time she started yelling at a family that was minding their own business!  And she just started telling them off! (So much laughter that someone may have peed) (Kiki) Well, ya see, what happens is that on our tours we go on tour adventures, and well I like to enjoy a few drinks, and well… You know!

Japanzine: Indeed I do. Indeed I do. So, what does your ultimate rider list include? When you tour these venues do you make any special requests for the green room?

NYLON PINK: Uh, just water. (Laughter)

Japanzine: Wow! Low maintenance!]

NYLON PINK: Well, we really want to get endorsed by Jaeger. Then we could have rivers of Jaeger on tour. Oh, yeah, and Jamie likes energy drinks like Monster and Red Bull. I really like Taco bell…  And nachos!  We’ve got to have nachos! Oh, and Kaila like pina colatas!!  …And maybe one can of Spam…  Just so it’s there.

Japanzine: So, what are your groupies like? Any interesting groupie stories?

NYLON PINK: Well, it’s so funny, ‘cause we don’t really have groupies…  Do we? Actually, yeah, come to think of it we have a lot of groupies.  Ya know, we get the hotties with the bodies, we get the young girls that like us, and we get the old guys too. That can get a little creepy sometimes.

Japanzine: And this is the first time you’re coming to Japan? Seriously, all the pasty old ojisans are going to be snapping pictures on their cell phones while sweating and drooling all over you.  Be ready for that!

NYLON PINK: Well, Kat actually likes old men; so we’ll just throw her to them while the rest of us make a run for it.

Japanzine: Well, if you got a thing for ‘em, Japan will be right up your alley! (Laughter and moans) Well, this brings us to our final question: Have you ever taken a fan backstage see what happens when the pink nylons come off?

NYLON PINK: Do you mean the Nylon Pink??

Japanzine: Nope, I mean the pink nylons!! (More groans and laughter)

NYLON PINK: (Amidst still more laughter) Well, let’s just say that Kat met her last boyfriend on tour in Macau.

Japanzine: Nice! That’s hot! So, you excited to play Tokyo?

NYLON PINK: Yeah!!  Please, come!!  It’s gonna be amazing!!

Japan Tour dates:

3/23- Romantic Punch: Tokyo
3/30- The Juke Joint: Tokyo
4/1- Hard Rock Café: Tokyo

More dates TBA

For more info visit:



  1. The facebook link for NylonPink is not correct. It shows page not found.

    • Fixed! Thanks

  2. Nylon Pink: Live Shows!!
    Tuesday 03/26 – Shibuya Ruby Room 9:30pm (http://rubyroomtokyo.com)
    Saturday 03/30 The Juke Joint Nishi Azabu 8:00pm (www.thejukejoint.jp)
    Monday 04/01 Hard Rock Cafe Roppongi 8:00pm and 9:00pm

  3. Nylon Pink is amazing!! They have a unique, high-energy sound that represents the future of rock ‘n roll. Don’t miss a chance to see them LIVE!!!