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Japanese Artist Arrested for Making Vagina Art

Have you ever actually said “manko (vagina)” to a Japanese person? If you haven’t, JZ’s professional opinion is that you should try it, just to see the unique color of red their face will turn.


Culturally, casual discussion and depictions of male genitalia are accepted, while those of women are not. For example this is considered acceptable:


While this isn’t:


Tokyo-based artist Rokudenashiko has made it her personal mission to remove the hypocritical stigma surrounding lady bits (mankos) by literally showing molds of her manko as many places as possible. She has made nature dioramas shaped like her manko.


Rokudenashiko’s problems started when she raised manko to make a kayak shaped like her money. As a thank you, she sent the 3d printer data of her manko to her donors. The police considered this a violation of Japan’s obscenity laws; ever wondered why Japanese porn involving gay midget cyborgs raping schoolgirls with octopus tentacles have all their private parts covered with a mosaic? Because showing uncovered mankos and chinkos, well that would be obscene.


One minute you’re 3d printing your vagina, the next thing you know you’re in jail. Rokudenashiko is facing some fairly hefty charges, but our manko money is betting that she’ll be released fairly shortly. Either that, or be Jesus-level crucified by The Law. You never know in Japan.

Rokudenashiko’s response the charges laid against her? Her manko is a body part just like her hands and her feet. We agree!



  1. I don’t know about the Japanese word, but “vagina” is not what is being talked about here. A vagina is an entirely internal organ. You’re talking about something else.

    • Vulva, perhaps?

      • Yes, of course — in English anyway. My point is that the word “vagina” is being bandied around way too much. If you can’t be discreet, at least use the right word.
        I think that the fact that it’s illegal to make a vulva-shaped boat in Japan is one of the least of women’s problems on this planet. Better we should be concerned about those women who aren’t allowed to keep their vulvae, for instance.

  2. This needs to be cleaned/cleared up a little. Manko is the equivalent of cunt. The correct Japanese word is chitsu.