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Japan joins criticism of Trump’s ‘Islamophobic’ Executive Order

The Japanese Department of Immigration this week aligned itself with those criticising the American president’s recent executive order restricting refugees attempting to enter the US.

Mr Trump has faced international criticism for his executive orders that attempt to halt the movement of refugees from seven Muslim majority countries, with many observers claiming that it is little more than a naked attack on the Muslim faith, prompting protests around the world.

This week those in charge of Japan’s immigration policy have joined the plethora of voices deriding what they see as an affront to the freedom of movement for those requiring asylum.

“We cannot stand idly by while Mr Trump condemns these poor individuals to perhaps face more persecution at the hands of this great evil,” said Kenta Tanaka, Minister for Immigration.

“To help relieve these poor people from their suffering, we intend to accept a record number of immigrants,” he continued. “We have announced a scheme which will accept a whopping 300 refugees from Syria, by the year 2021. That’s an immense 75 a year.”

When it was put to Mr Tanaka that 300 refugees was somewhat paltry in comparison with the tens of thousands that other countries have accepted, he was indignant.

“Well, we already have six of them, and let’s face it, Japan is a relatively poor country, with not much space, the former of which has nothing to do with Abenomics, I hasten to add, and in addition to that, those who claim that the declining population of this country could do with a boost from refugees, are just wrong. Not because they are brown, but because, well…

“I think we are getting away from the point here. Mr Trump’s policies are just plain racist and Islamophobic. Now if you will excuse me, I have pressing work to do, as the Ministry building needs its huge glass windows to be cleaned, and there are all these stones lying around that need to be thrown.”