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Love, Sex & Blood Types

ketueki4Has a Japanese member of the opposite sex ever asked you what your blood type was?
If so, there’s a good chance they were checking to see if you would make a suitable partner for dating, marriage, or sex.
Many Japanese people believe that just as different blood types are incompatible, so are people of different blood types. Below is a list of different blood types, and the sexual or romantic characteristics associated with them.


– love their partner sincerely and tend to be monogamous
– not good at expressing feelings
– often hesitant to approach women
– rarely fall in love at first sight
– sexually considerate and become absorbed in satisfying their partner
– don’t lose interest in their lover after sex
– associate sex with marriage and have an unfortunate tendency to marry women that they don’t love out of a sense of responsibility

– open and honest with women
– attracted to individualistic, unconventional women
– tends to be attracted to many different women and has affairs which end his previous relationship(s)
– likes some drama in his love life
– separates sex and love and can have sex that is purely physical
– tends to be sexually adventurous and attracted to a wide variety of women

– able to express his feelings without embarrassment
– makes great efforts to overcome obstacles in relationships but tends to be inconsiderate and push too hard
– believes that sex is natural and essential to humans
– uses love for things like promotions at work or may marry for money
– has too much confidence and may be sexually aggressive
– makes a good first impression, but is actually not romantic

– very sensitive and loving
– often goes to dating services because he is too shy to ask women out directly
– tends to be romantic and expects to meet his soul mate
– thinks of sex as a hobby
– likes to try new sexual positions and have sex in different places
– waits to proposition a woman until he has confirmed that she wants to have sex too


– thinks about her lover all the time
– can’t have sex without love
– not sexually adventurous
– can be difficult to seduce
– when she falls in love, she falls deeply in love, and will develop strong feelings, even if having an affair
– will take revenge if betrayed

– falls passionately in love but doesn’t show it
– social butterfly so often gets asked out on dates
– tends to be romantic, so sometimes disappointed when men don’t live up to her expectations
– sexually adventurous and open to sex in love hotels and in the morning or afternoon
– tends to be self-centered and puts herself before her lover
– likes to be on top

– pure, romantic, and passionate
– has a strong maternal instinct
– tends to be extremely jealous
– likes to try out new sex positions and can easily get bored in bed
– very fickle; sometimes wants sex two or three times a day and at other times can happily go for months without making love

– can’t tell reality from dreams
– wants a man with a good job and lots of money
– reluctant to admit feelings of love
– inconsistent, so sometimes willing to have sex without love, and at other times insists on making love with someone she cares about
– sometimes suggests trying out new sexual positions
– reluctant to make a commitment