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Love with a Western Woman: A Guide for Japanese Men

LOVE_Cover1-198x300Do you want to be successful with women?
Date and romance them with confidence and charm?
And be fantastic in bed?!

Whether you want romance, love, dating, sex, or marriage, this book will help you get it!

“Love with a Western Woman” is a funny and entertaining guide for Japanese men who want to understand the international women of today, and find out how to please them … in every way!

Based on interviews with 150 Western women who shared their intimate desires and dreams as well as their experiences and expectations, this guidebook teaches Japanese men how to develop and maintain happy, healthy relationships throughout their lives. Full of quotes from the women who were interviewed, and interspersed with photographs of Western women and the Japanese men they adore, this book will coach and inspire you along the way as you search for love.

You will learn how to:

  • be more attractive to women
  • let women know you like them
  • be a “gentleman”
  • create dates to remember
  • avoid misunderstandings and mishaps
  • propose marriage just like in the movies
  • ensure that she always feels special
  • make a happy home together
  • be an amazing and considerate lover, and even
  • make your penis look bigger

And if you’re already in a relationship with a Western woman, this book will help you improve that relationship by giving you a better understanding of her mind and her body. “Love with a Western woman” will also help you with your relationships with Japanese women!

Find out what women want and how you can give it to them … become an international ambassador for love!


ISBN 978-0-9573282-1-1


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Please also email if you would like to order more than one copy.


  1. Why is a guidebook for Japanese men written in English??

  2. why on earth you will need a guide to pick western women in Japan.

    they are so desperate and get almost nothing, so they are actually begging anyone in the range of vicinity, jap or not.

    all you have to do is wait with an opened mouth in japan, and hope none of these old western crow will fall inside 🙂

    no worry though as the young map chicks will be around you no matter what.